Banner of the documentary Fix News Report: The story of Orphan 32. Directed by Adriana Motta Fix. Featuring Thanh Campbell.



The movie "Fix News Report: The story of Orphan 32", is produced by Fix Strategic Media Communications, and directed by Adriana Motta Fix in 2015. The 41 minutes full color length documentary is filmed in the beautiful location of Eastport Bridge, in Hamilton, Canada. And features a story of hope and encounter experienced by best selling author and public speaker,Thanh Campbell, an orphan rescued from Vietnam during "Operation Baby Lift .







" I did watch your documentary and found that it was very good. Congratulations on a job well done. In my opinion, it is very difficult to sustain a 40 minute piece with only one voice but you somehow managed to do it..well done!" by 2015 Royal Reel Award winner Writer/Director/Producer, from Fiore Film, Vancouver, Andy Fiore.

Photo of Andy Fiore, International Film Award Winner Movie Director

  Andy Fiore awarded movie director



"I just finished watching The Story of Orphan 32. Wow! What a journey and what a well articulated and incredible soul. So wise... when he told his two brothers not to bare the burden that they felt guilty that they couldn't stop the soldier from taking their little he said. "Look at the incredible opportunity and life I've been given in Canada". Anyway so many wonderful insights:
"What are you doing with your dash?".
 Great job of producing it. Sincere congrats Adriana!

Wishing you continued success sharing heartfelt stories! Truly!

By Jane Sowerby nominated on 4 categories with the short with "Jane Post", and also singer of ONE UGLY COWBOY

Photo of Jane Sowerby, singer, song writer, screenwriter, director, producer, and Leo award winner with Best Female Performance for Jane Post

  Jane Sowerby during interview



"I watched the documentary last night. Wow. What a beautiful story, I love it! I confess that I got really  emotional and cried. Congratulations, stories like this really need to diffused". (Vi o filme ontem a noite...Wow!! Que história linda, amei!! Te confesso que chorei!! Parabéns, histórias como essas tem que ser difundidas mesmo!! by the New Yorker documentary  and cult movies affectionate Marden Barbosa

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